Gabriella Classic Bum Push up tights 20 Denier Zoom
bum push up 20 denier

Gabriella Classic Bum Push up tights 20 Denier



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Brand: Gabriella

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Product Description

Wow I need these. I am having all these, you cant have any, I want a peachy bum! Ok OK, I might share them with you, but order quick before I change my mind.

Tights with bum push up and hip shaping, anti-varix tights with 20 Denier. Available in beige.

85% polyamide and 15% Elastane.

Size Guide in cm
Small is Size 2
HEIGHT: 158-164cm, HIPS: 88-96cm
Medium is Size 3
HEIGHT: 164-170cm, HIPS: 96-100cm
Large is Size 4
HEIGHT: 170-176cm, HIPS: 100-104cm

Size Guide in ft/Inches
Small is size 2
HEIGHT: 5ft 2”-5ft 5", HIPS: 34.6"-37.8"
Medium is size 3
HEIGHT: 5ft 5"-5ft 7”, HIPS: 37.8"-39.4"
Large is size 4
HEIGHT: 5ft 7"-5ft 9”, HIPS: 39.4"-40.9"

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